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Outputs. Return Value. Rotator . Linearly interpolates between A and B based on Alpha (100% of A when Alpha=0 and 100% of B when Alpha=1) Help shape the future of Unreal Engine documentation! Tell us how we're doing so we can serve you better. Take our survey.. Lerp ( Rotator ) Windows MacOS Linux Linearly interpolates between A and B based on Alpha (100%.

Open timeline and set the curve to linear , select all points of the curve, right click and then choose linear, this will fix your issue. And then use reverse output to play it backward to.

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Ay ay ay let's go! Today we're looking at the HeightLerp Node. This material function is another banger that will help your textures pop out and look 3-dimen.... The Lerp function, mathematically, is defined as lerp(a, b, t) = a + (b — a) * t. I’m using the single float version of this (from the Mathf class), since it’s simpler than the Vector3 version.


the timeline runs for 1 second, you have roughly 10 fps. One time you could have a frame 0.91 seconds after the start of the timeline and the next frame sometime after the end of it, your delta will be 0.09, if your last frame before the end would have been at 0.98 seconds after the timeline was started the last delta will end up being 0.02.

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